The painting of your life

I received a message the other day and thought I’d pass it along.

In the “painting” of your life, there are a loop holes. They look like an eye of a needle. They are in each scene. If you look hard enough you will also see a key, an emergency exit, a window, a door. Often they are small… disguised, covered up but, always there. People look for the big, wide open door. Instead look for the “design flaw”. The artist takes much time to create it and then cover it up.

So when nothing makes sense… step back and look… differently. Reverse your thinking. Look for what is not so obvious and how that now, is what you use to succeed. That is how you become an alchemist.

I did try to find a picture online that matched this message – what I was seeing yet and I struggled to find the right one. Then I realized, no picture was needed. We each “paint” our own story each day. To plop a picture with these words would be a disservice to another. I’d bet you can see your own image that directly applies to your story and journey. I do hope it is a colorful one.  And know that the Universe is not so literal.  Your “key” or “emergency exit” might look quite different.  Think, symbolism.


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