Ask for what you need!


I took a few minutes and blended with the ocean yesterday. A meditation of sorts. I then heard, “Ask for what you need.”

The words came in soft, gentle and supportive. The tone was 100% sincere. I felt as if I could ask for anything in this moment and my wish would have been granted. I then paused. I was so aware that I did have everything that I needed. I mean, I woke up this morning. I am alive. I’m in good health. I’d had a meal and was wearing clean clothes. I knew who I was and I had the luxury of having this moment to sit and enjoy the warm spring sun and the ocean waves. Seriously… what did I need? Honestly… nothing! Oh, yah, that other list. At times it’s short and at times long but that didn’t matter now. I didn’t even wish to retrieve it from my brain and recite it. I, instead, honored this simple moment and then thanked the Universe for all that I did have.

Hours later, back in the more normal daily routine, it was then easier to ask. There are many things we all need help with. Life is truly a co-creating experience. I used to struggle with asking for help. It is not a sign of weakness. Don’t be afraid to ask. So ask family, friends and even strangers for help and don’t forget to ask your angels, too.

At times, you might feel unheard. You are not. Take a moment in nature to ground yourself and see why. A reality check to the important things in life. It is easy to get off-center. Maybe what you are asking for, you need to instead be giving. How can you help another, your community? Look at the symbolism of your request. Are you looking for a new home or vehicle? How can you be a “home” or “vehicle” to another? Maybe you are asking for change. How can you change another’s experience in life? So if you’ve been asking and asking and not receiving, maybe a change in your thinking or actions is needed. Get out and play with life. Bless the world with your presence and gifts. Whatever you truly need will come to you. Ask… receive… and also give.  Make it a great day!

5 comments on “Ask for what you need!

  1. Delightful read, I love it. I know the times I feel the gratitude so deeply, I understand I am the most abundantly blessed person in all of ever. Yes then there’s the other list and those other times. This is wonderful Molly, I felt you all the through. And a good read is as simple as that…<3

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