Trust the process

What are you going to do?  I’ve been asked this question several times this past week. Soon I’ll have a decision to make. We all make hundreds of decisions each day and for the most part, it’s automatic and easy. This decision though seems a bit… bigger. The old me would already be laboring the pros and cons.

So when I heard this question the first time, it’s not that I was ignoring it, it’s just my brain wasn’t there yet. I guess I was staying present. After hearing it a few more times though, I did come to an answer.

I’m going to do… no thing.

I’m going to remain calm.

I’m going to let go.

I’m going to trust the process.

I’m going to meditate.

I’m going to allow the situation to unfold and go with the flow.

I’m going to be grateful and trust in my angels.

Really, there is no sense in overthinking or fighting or forcing the situation. I do believe in free will and taking action but I don’t believe in trying to control.  I have done what I can.  I am not going to worry.  This is just a waste of energy.

If I need it, if it’s best for me and my evolution, then it will come to me. If we are a vibrational match, I’ll know.

The important thing to do now is to remember who I am.  And to know that often blessings come when you least suspect them and… they are often camouflaged. I just know that I need to be open to receiving them. We are all worthy of a good… a great… a magnificent life. I often ask what is best for me… and the greater picture. Bring to me what is a vibrational match of my love and light.

So trust the process. Even better enjoy the process. Don’t miss this wonderful moment of transformation you are in. You are a butterfly. In a metamorphosis. Feel it, the pause. It can’t be rushed. It’s needed.  Find comfort in it.  It’s there if you allow it.

Who knows, maybe something even better will come. But if you are so focused on forcing the result your mind tells you, jumping ahead, you’ll probably miss it. Stay present my friend and… stay open to receiving blessings.


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