A Releasing Rain


It’s raining outside.  Its overcast and I can’t see the sun.

Mother Nature is releasing.

I pause. I do not ignore this moment. I ask myself, What do I need to release as I watch her cue?

I release pain… sadness…anger…confusion.  Maybe something small (oh so trivial) or it might be big.  Have I held on to it too tightly or for too long?  Have a denied it and kept it buried?

I allow it to surface.  I let it go.

I watch the rain.  Water is so nurturing.  How else would the flowers grow?  Rivers flow?  I think of being buyout.  The water supports me.  How else would the grass be so green?  And animals thrive?  And rainbows form as the sun returns?

So thank you Mother Nature.  In the letting go… in the letting it flow… I only feel joy.  Peace.  A part of a grand and divine plan.

Now, here the rain is ending and the sun is coming out. Storms don’t last forever.  But if the rain was to continue, I’d dance.  Yes… in it.  Feel it on your skin.  It’s just water.  You are water.  Choose to feel and be alive!  Be a part of everything.

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