It is what it is…

or is it??

This past week, I’ve heard this phrase several times.  Here’s my sign.  What is the Universe assisting me to remember?

I remember years ago when I heard this phrase for the first time.  I paused.  What did it mean?  For some reason, my brain couldn’t understand this simple phrase.  I’d like to think of myself as an intelligent person but in that moment I felt LD.  For whatever reason, it baffled me.

The context and dynamics of when these words are expresses is important.  There are times to accept what is.  And times to let go and let the situation naturally unfold.  But the this past week, I’ve seen people use it as a way to give up… as an excuse, almost like a cop-out.  As I’ve heard the words, I could feel sandpaper against my skin.  It was rubbing me the wrong way.

So I remind myself of several things.  I get to choose what I believe.  (Yes, I do believe in angels, miracles and many other grand things.)  I get to be love and light.  And I will act from this place.  I will also try to, Namaste and remind others of their divine nature and respecting their journey.

So in closing, I’ll share a very simple example.  I snapped this picture of a Dogwood bloom today.  I thought it was just a pretty flower.


Then, as the breeze danced with the pedals, the top pedal clearly looked like a heart to me.  It was waving at me and all I felt was love.  The reminders are there.  Take time to stop and admire the beauty that surrounds you and… is in you.

Is this dogwood bloom what it is?  Or more?  Only you can decide.

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