Spice it up!


It’s rare but moments do come when I wonder what will be the next thing I get into. A small pause. They used to make me nervous. I don’t do bored well. Now I capitalize on the stillness of everything.  A reminded to myself to be still. No action is needed. So I mediated. Yet my mind kept pulling me to the grocery store. To the spice isle. I then chuckled. Yup… time to spice things up. Variety is the spice of life. I mean have you seen how many spices there are in the store? A lot!  Pause the next time you are in there. I thought of how often when I cook, I start at the spice section. Which one calls to me? From there, I create a meal. The old me would have started with the main dish ingredients (the meat and potatoes). So this, in itself, is telling.  We often just see the main ingredients but what is it’s the little things that really make the meal?  The difference.

I’ve learned to experiment and have often been surprised – the meals (and my life’s adventures) often turn out quite yummy! So how can you spice things up today? How can your life be different?  Why be normal?  Try something new. Who knows, you must just like it. You might just have some fun or in a small or big way alter the course of your life.  So add some… BAM!  Because you are not a bland dish.

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