It’s about the journey, not the destination.


A lot can happen in 40 hours. My fiancé and I decided to take a road trip. Well, maybe that’s not the right choice of words. He was offered a job interview. Upon our return, I thought of our time together which basically broke down like this:

20 hours of driving (8 there, 3 sight-seeing, 9 home – Mother Nature sent heavy rain)

8 hours of sleep

12 hours of other (cooking, eating, showering, internet check in, visiting with dear friends, meeting new ones and oh yes – the job interview)

20 hours in a car will tell you A LOT about who you are traveling with. To be honest, I don’t remember silence. I know we had the radio on but… Neither of us stay glued to our phone. And I didn’t bury myself in a book. We talked. We discussed. We listened. We questioned. We dreamed. We soul searched. We bonded. We laughed. I think we created a mini vortex in the vehicle.

Many things came from our time together. In some ways, we were cut off from all the normal distractions and had uninterrupted time. I truly felt, blessed. It would have been easy to, at some point, pick a fight or allow silence or choose a negative attitude about the distance, traffic, crazy drivers, a wrong turn or not ideal weather. Somehow we were both open to each moment of the trip. We took it all in and appreciated whatever came. We have different traveling styles yet we did stop and “smell the roses.” We were kind and patient with each other. Yes, this sounds obvious but I wasn’t taking anything for granted. This could have been a disaster. We could have focused and expected the job interview to go a certain way. In hindsight, while the interview was important, it just became a small piece of the trip.

The job, well, it was not what we’d hoped but we trusted our knowing at the time of departure and showed up. As a small side note can I tell you, you can learn a lot about a place from waiting quietly in the car while your significant other is inside for an interview? We could have been frustrated, disappointed or angry. Instead we just asked that something good come from our trip. It was becoming clear it was about a lesson and choice. My fiancé could see the lesson and did something he has never done in his life. He walked away knowing verses needing the job. He now knew his self-worth.  And what I know is, the Universe has unlimited options so we’ll manifest again.

So this lesson is so true about much in life. You do the best you can to your knowing. You act and interact. You remain open. You look for your signs. You stay positive. And don’t forget to get a good night’s sleep. Resting and dreaming are important parts of your life. You might not understand the why but trust, it is for a reason. Be willing to enjoy the moments and receive the gifts of the entire journey.  And, thank your Angels for keeping you save on the roads of life.

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