Hey lightworkers – Love being human!

From needing to healing to being.


I stared to write this article to lightworkers and spiritual healers out there who might be struggling a bit and wondering, why? Why isn’t it happening fast enough? Why don’t others see the value of the spiritual enlightenment process? And/or why am I am not able to support my lifestyle doing what I love? (Many would rather pay for a fast food meal and movie than a healing session). Why… well, you can fill in your personal question here.

While there are many answers to the, why… here is just a thought. It was a lesson that was brought to me some time ago.

I do know how badly you wish to assist our planet but it starts with you. Heal they self… first. If this statement made you mad or gave you an uncomfortable feeling, well it might just be proving the point. You might think you are ready enough, but are you? Work (more) with your healing guides. For some, this is all you choose this life. Just to wake up. Just to heal. Just to change your course. Just to remember you came from a different place and can remember.

Pull in. Do the work. Release the crap, the DNA that doesn’t serve you. Learn. Grow. Change. Evolve. There is no rush. There is no time, remember? You are on the cutting edge of this.  There is no expectation… just in your mind. Enjoy this moment and process. Your urgency just shows how far off you are. If you believe in Heaven, know that there are no numbers or scores kept. If you believe in other dimensions, why are you letting them control your mind? The better stuff comes from your soul. You choose to come here and experience it all and this would include resting and having peace and some fun. Lighten up!  And yes, you came here to create… co-create.

Sharing a smile with someone as you pass by is just as important as healing 100. Being the best you, you can be in each moment is important. Trying to push yourself to a goal… hmm. Continue to stay grounded and connect to your source. Drop the stress and negativity (the pressure you place on yourself). I know you are a lightworker and don’t often acknowledge your dark aspects but they are there.  The duality.  Keep your light on. Accept yourself. Your human ness. You choose this. Allow yourself to glow strong in each moment verses pushing against or ahead.  In a strange way, it would be better for humanity to actually stay home and be happy (that energy would radiate out) than be in the world trying to make it happen and allow your negative vibes to slip out that it wasn’t happening fast or big enough.  Passion is good.  Knowing is even better. So I think of this post I wrote that helps me (and I hope others) to BREATHE and reset (remember): https://2020spiritualvision.wordpress.com/2015/01/12/breathe/

You need nothing. No thing. You have everything you need. Are you at this place yet? Totally accepting what is? You don’t need the “right” significant other, friends, family, home, job, car, amount in your bank account. You don’t need to teach or heal. The needing shows how far off you are. In the needing to do… or be anything just shows the hole you are trying to fill up. You are already whole, total and complete. Remember? Just… Be.  Trust that the Universe will support you plan.  You will get done just what you came here to do.  No more, no less.  You are not being left out of anything.

So until then, you’ll be drawn to (or it will be drawn to you) certain places, things, people, events, experiences… till you know. Then you are released again to… be. Once the needing fades, the being glows and what was meant to be… will. It will happen naturally… and with little to no effort. That is the law of attraction. Like attracts like.

I do know that some souls are here to shake things up… to wake us up and I am grateful for this. I also know there are a variety of psychic and intuitive people on our planet. In many different stage of their own development. I honor each one. It might be easier to get frustrated at another’s style but they are doing the best they can to their knowing. Maybe you know differently. Allow them to be. In a strange way, they are serving you very well. You are learning who you are. So enjoy the variety.  And stay focused on you… your own personal and unique and wonderful journey! Love being you. Love being human. Everyone will benefit from this.

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