The energy and vibration of life lessons.


After coming out of the car vortex (my recent road trip), I realized I truly believed that much of the human experience comes back to two things: Life lessons and Vibration. Well, I also believe in love and relationships but that’s for another article. I often use the word vibration and this just means the level of energy and how your body receives it and sends it back out.

I’ve learned in my own personal journey, it’s about the lesson. Some lessons need to be felt in real time, this moment, this life (verses channeling a message or asking a psychic and knowing the end result, like a fast forward). These real time moments are more powerful than you realize since you are changing the course of your life now, as well as all your other lives. Each life, you choose a variety of lessons to come into form to practice… learn… succeed at and, at times, truly master and then assist others with. This is why some so struggle with an issue that is obvious to another. Their veil is very thick for a reason. It’s the lesson they chose and others have already learned or didn’t choose this issue.

Your guides (whether you channel or not) on the other side will help you. They will line things up all day and night long to assist you in remembering and working through the fog and lesson. Often you do the best you can to your awareness of the situation. So, you can do a few things. You can trust your gut or channel a message (if you’ve remembered you have this ability and connection) or project your energy to find out the answer but… you might come to find it’s just to get you to the next level of your awareness, not so much for the result you were seeking at the time.

I wish to take a minute and try to explain projecting energy since I haven’t written on this. You have a question or situation in your mind and reality. I recommend that you hold it in your hands like a ball. Try to get a bit removed from the emotions of the situation. Emotions are often just the warning side that discernment is needed. They are not always the answer. Now, taking the issue in hand, practice to see if your energy matches the situation or answer you believe. Put it out there. If you are a visual person, you might see your ball (energy) then morph right into the new situation and it looks and feels lovely. Stay with it as long as you wish. What do you see? Or… you might see or feel like the two bubbles just won’t mix. If you are stubborn, you’ll continue to try and then you’ll see more so than not, it just doesn’t work out. Your bubble is actually protecting you. Or… you might feel like there is no energy with what you are trying to unify with. This will cause a pause and hmmm.  All of this is very telling.  At times, you’ll see that what you (think you) are working towards, well, it doesn’t look so great after all. Trust this knowing. Try moving your ball around or even better, up a bit. This step requires a very relaxed mind. Be open to a new option. What is the next level of energy or thought? Maybe that’s a better fit. This is also a moment of divine inspiration. Match your level of energy and light to see or go to the brighter light to be inspired.  Allow it to present itself and blend with your intention.  Hence the saying, shed some light on this situation.

I’ve come to find that your guides will encourage you 100% to match your thoughts. So I recommend that you think pretty high. This will save you from some experiences. On occasion, we are off course and out of nowhere a higher guide comes and drop a quick reminder. Ah, I do love those moments. But more so, your guides will walk right alongside you as you struggle (they see this in a good way) through the dynamics you have accepted since it’s about the lesson. You are a student of life.  You have to feel it to know it. You are changing your DNA. You are lighting up and activating the new you and you will never be the same.  Please know your guides are cheering you on and they are so patient.  They don’t get upset if you just don’t get it… yet.  And when you do get it, you will feel pretty good about yourself.

So send off a request to the Universe. Ask that something be different than you are now experiencing. Take the action that you can. You’ve served the ball back. In the waiting be open, very open. It might not come back to you as you think. Open thinking means not to be attached to the outcome or one right way. There are many ways. Stay vigilant and watch for your signs. I’d bet more so than not, what you just sent off, you might not even want anymore. You have already realized the lesson and are already asking for something different or better.

So can this be frustrating – discovering what you thought you so wanted, well not so much now? Yes, if you allow this. I think it’s kind of cool. You are an evolving spirit. You are doing what you came here to do. Trust that at some point, what you ask for is the right match and the energy will blend together. It will be grand. Until that point, you seek, you learn, you grow, you evolve. The Universe is just aligning you back to a master plan that you choose for yourself.

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