Go to what you love.


Place yourself in the middle of what you love.

Then everything else will fall into place. It has to!

So it doesn’t matter… stand in your kitchen… sit in nature or meditation…

be you and your passion at your place of employment…(or even in the grocery store)

amongst your family and friends…

in your own sneakers, flip flops, boots, high heels or bare feet…

in your own soul.

Be present and feel the moment and energy. See the beauty and gifts that surround you.

Breathe it all in.

Feel the love, be the love.

Stand in the middle of what you love and watch everything else fall into place.  It has to.

It’s about energy.  Like attracts like.  So be happy. Go to and do what makes you happy.

3 comments on “Go to what you love.

  1. My spiritual practice has lately been Gratitude. Gratitude for what was and is – the rest will then fall in to place. From experience, gratitude truly evokes happiness and love, and with love and happiness I’m able to “go to what I love” automatically.

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