Why do we need to ask? Aren’t our Guides psychic??


I’ve often heard that one’s guide or angel can’t help unless asked yet… I’ve wondered why this is the case.  I mean, I’m sure they see and know what the issue is and the solution.  They have the big picture view and endless resources.  They surely don’t like to see one struggling.  So then why does one need to ask (in the first place) and then be so specific when asking?  

I used to think saying, help (when asked in prayer or in a moment of crying out) meant, help!  I know that for me, in those moments I wasn’t really picky, just provide some relief.  Thank goodness I wasn’t drowning, lol, because there have been times I’ve asked for this general assistance (thinking they’d just send their best solution right away) and sure enough, not much happened. Often the situation got worse.  Within the past few years, (as I’ve grown into my soul and knowing) I’ve tried to send off more specific requests and literally I’ve received just what I asked for to then realized, I might have wanted to add a little more detail, lol.  So just the other day, I received this answer and thought I’d share.

“It’s all about the lesson and vibrational match.  We help as much as you remember and then ask for.  So “the” issue actually has much involved in it (many lessons).  You seem to understand some of the lesson but usually not all of it.  When you ask for help, we match what you are asking for (the vibration) and then what doesn’t get acknowledged/learned/requested, gets recycled.  It will come back to you at another time, in a slightly different form.”

Well, then… (a big smile seemed to come to my face).  “We help where it matches your plan.  Often you ask for the wrong things.”  Okay, this proves that they can read my mind, lol.  “Your vibration, even before you speak.  We recommend that you meditate to remember more of your plan.  This will assist you in the asking.  The ways we help are not how your mind has been conditioned to think.  There is an answer to any issue you have – at times, quite simple… and other times, quite creative.”

After I received this message, I thought of one word.  Co-creating… at its best.  You and your guide, working together.  Ask correctly and you shall grow, receive and I’d bet be amazed.  And, I think it’s about the relationship.  They want us to remember this connection we have.  They are not a vending machine.  They do wish to work with us.

11/15  UPDATE:  Spirit often comes back to remind me and often adds to a message.  “You have so many lessons.  This is why you need to be specific when asking questions… so we can pull/provide the particular message to what you are acknowledging.  Vibration matching vibration.  Often you just understand an aspect of the lesson.”  I guess I needed the reminder 🙂 and to consult my own writing.  I often forget – ugh!

9 comments on “Why do we need to ask? Aren’t our Guides psychic??

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  2. Love this! It matches what my guide would often tell me when I got frustrated. He would say, “You’re not asking the right questions”. Now I don’t get that because I figured it out but never was able to put it into words like you just did. Thanks!

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