Trusting Your Higher-Self


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Okay. I’m pausing already and I haven’t even started to write. This is not like me but I need to take a breath… and make sure I get my words write… oh, right.

I’ve learned so much from channeling.  It is a gift… a skill… and I learn as I go. When it started years ago, it was for my personal healing. I spent months in this process. Then, there were months of teaching me how to channel as I channeled. This was a surprise to me and how cool! I still receive messages that assist me with this gift. I do need to say it can be very confusing the first few months and years. There are so many ways the Universe speaks to us. Signs, synchronicities, earth-bound angels, and then the energies on the other side of the veil. They can be departed loved ones, spirit guides, and energies from other dimensions. And then, there is your soul and human body. The gut feelings, the knowing and how your chakras send you signs.

As I opened myself up and my energy rose, I learned I had unlimited support. Many of my guides come to me in song and movie clips and with a sense of humor. I do often laugh out loud. Often your guides are personal to you and you’ll channel what you believe in. At times, you’ll channel what you thought was unbelievable if they feel you are open to this. Some time ago, when I reached out to another established psychic (wondering if I was crazy), she told me to, figure out your one true guide and listen to that one. Well… that didn’t seem like my truth. I actually liked the variety.

I did spend month receiving messages from energy all over. Yet I knew… something. I knew there was an energy I did wish to connect to more so than not. It was my higher self. I googled and googled and found nothing on the topic. To be honest, it would take me a while to make this connection. It did, at the time, seem easier to channel the other energies. Later, I’d find a book by Sanaya Roman titled, Spiritual Growth, Being Your Higher Self and I’d also bet there are now articles online. The book was published in 1992 so what I thought was, new was just new to me, lol.

The reason why I wanted to write on this topic though is, at times you can get different perspective, encouragement, etc. from the world of spirit and then you move forward thinking you have been advised and now understand. For example, a few months ago I saw signs and even received a detailed message that I might want to do a particular thing. So I did. Then, I was very aware of how my body was responding. It was warning me. I was wise enough to pause and listen. We do have free will. Sometimes the pause means it may take days to understand – be patient with yourself. You do go on living. The understanding will come.

I will say that I often get messages for others easily yet at times for myself, I’m a bit slow. I’ve had to grow into my higher-self connection. So I wish to say, no matter what signs you see or whispers you hear, your soul rules. Trust it. Your guides might encourage you because it’s about the process. This is a journey, not a movie where you can fast forward to just the good scenes. You can, though, choice to make each scene, good.

At times, when you look back, you’ll see that often the messages stated the obvious or what would have been common sense yet… for whatever reason it wasn’t obvious at the moment or common sense wasn’t being used. Just receive the message, don’t judge or doubt your ability.

Now, are there some pretty high level guides, teachers, and energies? Yes! I’m not boasting but I’ve been there. You will better understand the meaning of bliss, euphoria and nirvana. Actually, there are no words to describe. I do understand why some lightworkers struggle to be here because it is truly amazing in other dimensions. It is, home. But guess what, your higher self is a part of this. If you believe, you too will see and/or feel it. Open yourself up to this experience.

So happy practicing… happy connecting. This is like a work-out. You just need to strengthen your core muscle, your heart and soul connection to the Universe.

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