Intention for the day


  1. Get happy (maybe you are already there, yah).
  2. Stay happy and…
  3. Do what you love.

I thought I’d also share a sassy mantra you could use for the day.  I’m usually calm, see the positive and try to share inspiration and some form of wisdom but… there are so many aspects to my soul.  So I thought maybe someone out there might identify with this one.  It’s a fill in the blank.  It might seem edgy but it’s not.  It’s a lesson on being of use verses being used.

_______ (any cuss word(s) you choose) anyone who doesn’t have my best interests in mind.

This is not from a place of anger although you might start there. It’s about making a realization and then getting to the right vibration.  In reality, the words don’t matter, the tone and vibration does.  Say it from your knowing.  Get to a place where you can say it calmly and with a smile.  Try it.  Feel it and play/laugh with it.  Find your truth in it.

Does it sound a bit selfish?  No.  Don’t misunderstand, I am (and so are you) a kind and loving person but sometimes we need to have a reality check with ourselves.  I am a giver and server yet I need to remind myself that I don’t need to fix all problems or get into drama that is not me.  Stay focused on your journey, your purpose – shift up!  This is just a test.  Remember your greatness and serve those who truly need you.  Even if it is just yourself.  Feel no shame or guilt for feeling good, really good.  Go be… happy.  Misery loves company but you don’t have time to hang out with that bitch.  Say, bye-bye.  Walk away.  No need to even look back.  You are love and joy and so many other good things.  You have something better to do.  So get happy, stay happy and do what you love.  Everything else will fall where it needs to.  You, though, are evolving!

Then, you’ll get to the place where you can drop the cuss word and simply say, I let go of anyone who doesn’t have my best intentions in mind.  I wish them love and light.  And, thank them because they were your teacher.

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