Your Soul’s Dream


A month ago, I wrote a blog on blending your personal dream with the reality of your life.   I now had a new thought.  That’s what I love about this journey – it’s never-ending and you are constantly evolving (if you choose this).  As I was falling asleep last night,  I asked, Show me my soul’s dream.  Not my minds.  I was ready to go into the dream world and see my dream.  To see and better understand why my soul choose to be born.  I chuckled since this felt like a moment of the movie, Inception.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure I’d get the dream. I do know it can take nights to not only make the connection but to remember it as you return.  I also know the more one stays with a particular question, the more that will be revealed – layers as you go deeper.

The post I wrote a month ago (and the process that had to happen to get to the stage where I could write it) was actually purging my mind and body from a lifetime of conditioning about what my dream should be.  I realized I now had an idea of what my dream was yet I still had the question.  In my knowing, I knew I wasn’t fully satisfied.  Something still didn’t make sense.  I do think many acknowledge a dream, grab on to it and often take action towards it.  I though, was now asking for more clarity and union.

So, I awoke overnight and I was laughing out loud.  I can’t say that I’ve ever done this.  I was snorting.  I couldn’t stop.  And I could remember the dream.  I was a comedian, on a stage and I was making people laugh.  For those who know me, I can play this comedian role in short bursts but I never thought of being a stand-up comedian in my life.  Yet this resonated with me.  Recently my references where checked for employment and one of the skills noted was, my humor.  This surprised me.  This caught the employers’ attention even more so than my professional nature, dedication and work ethic.  Hmm.  So as I feel back asleep, I acknowledged my small a-ha.  Lighten up – Laugh!  So maybe this is part of my mission!  To be and bring joy and laughter.  To be light… lite… a light to another.  And to laugh at myself.

So I will continue to ask this question in my awakened and sleep state.  I really don’t want my mind’s dream anymore.  I want my soul’s dream!  In your soul’s dream, there is no resistance, just alignment.  It will give you reminders of the important things in life and how to be more of this.  I think joy is my mission.  How about you?

2 comments on “Your Soul’s Dream

  1. Oh sweet, funny lady, you just need to practice your joy and happy. This is the very best answer in all of Ever. Hope your day is full of laugher and light. I love you, thank you for sharing today. It is a bright spot

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