Getting what you desire


I do love Esther Hicks who channels the energy, Abraham. She greatly assisted me in my journey over a decade ago. To be honest, I haven’t listened to her in a while yet I know she often talks about vibration and the law of attraction. I’ve struggled at times with this… law, lol, yet at the same time, I so believe in it.

So, in my own journey, as I learn I do try to share to offer another perspective. I do hope my attempt to explain helps another. I know that I often understand because I feel the messages I receive. The feeling is better and more powerful to me than the words. And at times, it’s hard to find the right words and place it on paper.

It is all about energy. When you believe you are worthy… worth it, you will receive. The relationship… the job, the house… the whatever. And yes, you can attract it now since that is all there is. Ask yourself, why not, now? Maybe your question should be, are you ready for a better life? I think, YES!

Seeking means that you are practicing. Trying to get up to the needed vibration. Yet in reality, you never need to seek. Seeking means that you do not know… yet. So check in on your soul plane as you meditate and state what you are ready for. Ask and receive. It is simple. Yet the not knowing makes this complicated… causes pauses… then you practice and experience. Often you receive the lesson before you receive what you were asking for.

You attracted what you are in the moment. So attract what you are. Can you feel your greatness? But if you are confused, upset or angry well… guess what, you’ll just get more of that. These emotions do serve a purpose but do not stay stuck in them. It’s a vicious cycle. You must reach up and get out of it.

Recently a Guide encouraged me to leave it all because… I was none of it. None of what I called my reality was me. Yup, this caused me to pause as I tried to justify. I then knew, all of the reality I’d created was an illusion and just helped me to cope until now… until I knew more. The Universe was reminding me of my greatness and how when I walked rooted in this, everything else would fall into place. The Universe will send a little nudge when needed. This greatness seemed to be what I loved… it was love… and joy and freedom and peace.  The Universe just wanted me to feel more of this.

What you want… it is there.  You don’t have to do much to receive.  It will automatically appear when…

You know your self-worth, your vibration and ask for the right thing.  We when realize how strong, powerful, funny, wise, sexy, internally rich, etc., etc., etc. … it will appear.  Yet, you have to remember this from your soul, not your ego.  Then, just like two magnets.  Bam.  Otherwise, it’s like magnets when the poles are reversed.  They will not align.  The struggle – the lesson.  Yet with just a simple flip 🙂

So ask… and receive (either the lesson or the actual form). Continue to practice and raise your vibration.  There is the perfect match. That’s why you seek it and we are supposed to receive it.  So why are you delaying? Move into your alignment.  Magnetize!

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