A Spiritual Reset


I was going back through my pictures and remembered the day I found this on one of my beach walks.  I’ve found just about everything over the years but this was a first.  I could see the symbolism.  There have been times I’ve felt cut off from the, “source”.  The power cord had somehow been yanked and I was out there floating in the ocean of life.  I’ve referred to these times as, spiritual lulls.  I do know the reasons and benefits but until you understand this, they can cause a mild panic.  While our Guides might change or get quiet at times, we are never cut off from our source – our inner knowing.  On the day that I found this, it was my reminder that I needed to connect and re-set.

There are so many ways to spiritually reset.  Taking a moment to pause and say a mantra like, I ask to align to my inner and true strength, wisdom and power. To my light and love. Or just a moment of silence and a few mindful breaths will help.

I do try to meditate several times a week.  Meditation is a mindset.  Well, actually you just have to get out of your mind.  You can meditate as you fold laundry, do the dishes or allow yourself 20 minutes to just sit or lay down. I also often do a walking meditation when I need the physical movement and sense of exploring and freedom it brings.  I do love unrushed time in nature.  While I could spend hours, any amount of time helps.

I wanted to mention another way that I seem to be using now more often.  I call it, being with or blending with Mother Nature.  For me, it started when I had no question that needed an answer and I had no sense of time, nothing urgent that had to be seen to.  Can I tell you it took me some practicing to allow myself to get to this state alone?  My mind always has questions and I’ve spent decades being conditioned to time.

So pick a safe and private outdoor spot and then get comfortable.  Maybe it’s your back yard.  Take a bottle of water and turn off your phone if you can.  After you’ve done this a few times, you’ll notice that you can do it in public and busy places as well.  Now, being outdoors, your in Mother Nature’s house.  While I love it, I know this is not for everyone.  Yes, there might be flies, ants, unusual bugs or if you are a true nature lover, other man-made distractions that seem to encroach.  It is hard to find areas of true raw space and your blessed if you have this.  Rise above the illusion of these distractions but yes, use common sense (watch for snakes and thunder and lightening).

You… relax.  You smile.  You breathe.  You quiet your mind.  You let go.  Just be present… feel everything.  The wind, the sand or grass, the sun.  Let your mind go.  Maybe focus on a flower or tree for a moment.  Your body starts to feel lighter. You feel your body fade a bit and your energy blend with your surroundings.  You are aware of the bird’s song and the sounds of creation that you normally don’t allow yourself to hear.  The rhythm of life.

You close your eyes.  You breathe some more.  Then, even those sounds start to fade.  You feel even lighter and now you are your surroundings, not just your body sitting in the middle of nature.  Like all forms have faded and are blending on this large canvas. You’ll know when you get to the right state of being.  It feels dream-like yet you are not asleep.  You’ve actually raised your energy and lowered your heart rate.  You are at peace.  Your soul is very present.  Stay in this space as long as you wish.  Maybe you just need a minute to know that you can get to this place.

One of my spots is this quiet boat dock I found.  No one was around and it was a warm and sunny day.  I sat on the end of the dock and felt the light wind.  I gazed across the sound and watched the water gently rock.  I gazed into the water and watched the sun dance and reflect back to me its light.  It was mesmerizing.  The only sound I could hear was the water lapping against the bank and the birds chirping.  I sat until I melted into the moment.  Just peace and quiet.


I sat for close to an hour and really didn’t think of much.  (So not like me.)  Honestly, I didn’t want to leave.  I was really appreciating the moment and I could actually feel a tear come to my eye.  This was heavenly.  I was doing nothing yet everything was continuing on around me in perfect harmony.  And at this moment, I didn’t have to do… anything.  I was letting it all… be.  When I was done, something was different.  I was different.  I felt as if I’d been touched by Mother Nature.  She was reminding me of my nature.

You can also (take a blanket and) lay on ground and just watch the clouds go by.  Yes, like a child would.  Allow the clouds to take you on a journey.  Allow them to guide you into the right state of being.  Slower and slower.  Be awed.  Allow yourself to be awed by the more subtle energy.

Once you reached this state of being, you can then add a question if you wish.  I try to send of my question hours in advance.  I ask and let it go.  Please don’t go with a list.  You might just ruin the moment with that list.  The answer you need might just be dropped once you are in this different frame of mind and being.  You might realize though, the question now seems insignificant or silly.  You have a different perspective.  You might now just be so grateful that you had this moment of peace and unity.  Do give thanks.

Love Mother Nature.  Love your being ness.  Be.  Just be.

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