Laughter and Life… Choose Both!


When was the last time you laughed?  Not just laughed but snorted?  Howled?  Couldn’t stop… tears flowed from your eyes?  You laughed so hard your stomach got a workout? 

Well then… don’t you think it’s time?  Laughter means you are living.

Find a funny friend. Watch a comedy. Find your inner child.  Lighten up. Loosen Up. Be goofy!

This world is much too serious. Be a light to another.  Laugh. Giggle. Play!

It’s better than a glass of wine… any drug… you can do it at any time and it’s free.  Laughter is contagious.  Don’t limit laughter from being in your life.  Look for and seize the moments.  Laugh at life.  Laugh with Life.

Feel the vibration. Feel it shaking off all the things that don’t mater. It will assist in the waking up of your chakras and body.

Just tell yourself, if it’s not fun… I’m not doing it.  Ah.  Hmm.  Well then, see how serious you’ve become?  Find a way to make it just a bit easier and enjoyable.  Fun!  Just do it!



2 comments on “Laughter and Life… Choose Both!

    • It seems to tie into the random and spontaneous good moments and memories. An imprint I wish to leave. You just can’t force it but you can encourage it. Love, light and laughter to you!!

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