The hallway of life and its many doors


I’m standing at the end of a hallway.  I look back.  I see it’s long.  So many doors that have been opened to or by me.  Amazing.  I’m not sure I realized this unless I’d taken this moment to look back.  They are all still open.  Interesting.  Yet, the side doors on the hallway are closed.  Closed for a reason.  Either chooses I didn’t make or lessons that I did learn.  The hallway looks clear and bright but I can’t always say that it was so.  It’s also straight but wait… I was certain there were twists and bends.  And I don’t see the stairs or incline I surely felt.

I look ahead and to be honest, I can’t see what lies before me.  But I’m not worried or scared.  I stand in awe of my own journey this life … this moment.  I am only encouraged to see all those doors… opened.

Years ago I read this quote by Ronnie Kaye, author of Spinning Straw into Gold and it so resonated with me then:  “In life when one door closes another always opens, but the hallways are a bitch.”  I haven’t always liked the hallways. I just wanted to be in the room.  Yet now, I seem to be at such peace with this placement.

Oh… wait… I have to go now.  Just like that… the next door is opening.


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