May 2015 Channeled Message

This month’s message is short and sweet and… interesting:)

“There are no periods.  Sentences don’t stop.  This is a man-made thing.  We don’t believe in them.”

I then thought of the notes I often take when channeling.  I could feel the pauses but I rarely noted periods.  When I type the messages, trust me I add them.  Our human brains need them.  It seems to help in digesting the message.  The Universe, though, is non-stop and unlimited.  So this short message did inspire me.  There are no stop signs.  GO!  Everything is meant to flow – fluidity.  I do like that word.  Can you imagine a world with no stop signs yet it always works out?

I also know that our human language is an earthly thing.  The higher dimension don’t use or send words. They send vibrations and we do our best to capture them and then express them.  Often based on our own experiences.  This is what makes us each unique.  This is also why it’s okay to repeat a message (if you’ve been on this journey long enough, you’ll see it boils downs to a handful of core teaching/messages that have been said for thousands of years) because we each bring our own special way of saying and delivering it.  Some call them Universal Laws.  I like to say, truth.

So, no stopping – keep going!  The journey is indeed great!

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