Asking for a sign!

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign… just like the 1970 song by Five Man Electrical Band.

It’s true!  We often ask for a, sign.  We hope the Universe will make a situation clearer or even better, obvious for us in what action we should take.  Confirmation does calm our minds.  You might also ask for a sign as validation.  At times we need some reassurance so we can let go and move forward.  Angels and Spirits do wish to assist us and love to communicate with us.  They can come to us in different forms yet duplicate like this picture below.  The Universe does have a sense of humor.  Often you’ll feel goose bumps as well.


But what if you know a sign is for you and it only causes you to pause all the more.  Then, I think the Universe is making it clear discernment, meditation, or maybe time is needed.  Note it and come back to it a day or two later and see if it becomes clear now that you have given it a bit of space.

One day, I went to pay for gas and punt kicked this sign to the back of the store (I don’t know how, but I never saw it.).


So I knew it was a sign for me.  The next morning, I was to travel but checked the weather again and an unexpected ice storm popped up.  So I decided to stay safe and delay my trip by a day.  I thanked the Universe because otherwise I would have just hopped in my car.

Seeing is believing.  Often the signs are there but we then wonder, hmm, is this for me or just a coincidence?  It is for you!  Look for the obvious but also look for the random.  What does it mean?  Often it means whatever your mind tells you.  Are you thinking your highest thought or allowing fear, doubt or negative energy to win?  Go with your first thought – don’t over think it.  Maybe a friend can give an objective opinion but know that no one knows the situation better than you.  You must trust your own gut and knowing at the time.

Look for your signs.  The more you look, the more you will see.  They can be so simple at times.  Practice interpreting and understand them.  And know that you don’t have to go out of your way to get a sign.  It will be delivered to you wherever you are – even in your own home, as your listen to the radio or see something you’ve overlooked 100 times.

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Have a great day!

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