Be… surprised, in the best kind of way.


I like surprises. Often when asked a question, I’ll say, Surprise me.

Yet, there is a side of this emotion that is not so good.

The shocked surprise, the bad news surprise, the I can’t believe that happened.  If you’re not careful… surprise can become an unwelcomed emotion. If you hear, I have a surprise and you feel yourself start to close and guard yourself, this is your warning sign.

I encourage you to check your vibrational escrow. What type of surprise are you holding on to?  If it doesn’t feel good… get rid of it!  Think of the Happy Birthday surprise, the We’re having a baby surprise or finding out that you’re going on a super cool trip. Surprise should be fun and joyful. Exciting. Tears of joy, jumping up and down. A moment to celebrate.  Don’t block this type of surprise from coming to you.

Allow a surprise to be that unexpected moment where your heart opens and dances. Welcome this.

Allow life to surprise you in the best kind of way. Look for ways that life is already surprising. Yes, the small and simple ways. When you appreciate that, more will come.

Surprise yourself.  Surprise another.  Be a joy to this world!


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