Say It Loud and Proud.


I love this picture.  It did make me pause and realize we are powerful beings and our personal energy field is also pretty amazing.  I know this yet the visual was a good reminder.  The artwork and artist information can be found at:

This short article goes hand in hand with, Why do we need to ask?

I’ve also heard and wondered, Why do we have to say out loud our intentions and requests?  Again, aren’t are Angels and Guides mind readers?

I often think to myself and quietly sendoff requests. I mean, society looks oddly at those who talk to themselves.

This is what I got and just a perspective:  “Things said out loud get encoded. Otherwise you get blanks in your record, unwritten gaps. Your brain (thinking the thought) is one thing but saying them, the vibration and your throat chakra makes it much stronger.”  When I first started channeling, I did discover those gaps in information and it confused me since I figured everything was encoded. I still believe, on some level, it is. I will practice this a bit more because I do believe it might help me (in another life of mine) and I know I’d want to hear clear answers for those more important moments.

I also think it has to do with learning the lesson. When you can stand certain and proud and are finally ready to speak it, verses still mulling it over in your mind with some doubt mixed in. This can also be a great way to get it off your chest (heart) and release. I’m one who does enjoy moments of silence verses chatter but if you feel the need to speech, do so. Say what you need to say. This makes me think of the Brave song by Sara Bareillis and Say by John Mayer. Please do listen to the lyrics and see what resonates with you. Ghee, I forgot how much I love this song!

Also, think of how many ways you can say a thank you and I love you.  Say it, loud and proud!

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