You want…?


You want peace, then be at peace.

You want freedom, then be free.

You want balance, then live a balanced life.

You want privacy and space, then be private and give yourself space.

You want laughter, then be joy.

You want kindness and love, then be kind and loving.

You want forgiveness and understanding, then be forgiving and understanding (even of what you don’t understand, yah especially of that).

You want money to sustain your lifestyle?  Be your sustaining life and assist in sustaining others.

You want home?  Then be home, in your own body.  Be at peace.  Just be.

You want purpose?  Be your purpose, now, not later.  Be who you are.

You want… more?  Then be more.

Now… what did you want?  Nothing is stop you from having it… being it.  Nothing.  Just your mind, excuses.  Excuse yourself from making another excuse.  You are the creator of your own experience.  Be amazing.

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