Feel it

Retrogrades are wonderful time to take a step back and look at the big picture.  Often you’ll see something you haven’t seen before.  And then to, look again 🙂  For me, this has been a purge/purification/death spotlight and it hasn’t been easy.

So I’ll share a few words I heard months ago.  “Feel your way out.”  I kept looking at my hands.  Feel my way around, right?  LOL.  Feel the next step – baby steps.  Often that is how the journey unfolds.

Feel the emotion(s) and then take action if needed.  This means to really be with or even better sit with the emotion and see what it has to tell you.  Your mind will label it in a second but spend 20 minutes with it to really feel the emotion in your entire body.  In every cell.  In your heart.  Learn the real lesson, not the surface emotion.  What feels like the right thing to do.  This can be done with big and small things that are tossed your way.  You got this!

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