Traumatic Stress Dis-order


Many of us know about PTSD.  Yet, I wonder about what I call, Traumatic Stress Dis-order (TSD).  What if one is having a traumatic event and they are trying to deal with it in a more conscious way, as it is happening.  What would it be like if one fully embrace the experience verses being a victim or in shock.

TSD is when you have an event happen to you that you feel is out of order to your life plan.  Or you never thought the situation would happen, to you.  It is a shock to your entire energy system, being and life altering.  It needs to be life altering.  Everything seems to stop.  You’re not even sure how to care for yourself.  Too often though, we are told to hold it together, don’t cry, suck it up, move on, forget about it… deny it.  Or we find a way to numb it.  This will just cause dis-ease or a relapse.  With TSD you actually allow the intense emotions and are willing to learn from them.  Often, changes are needed.

While it is traumatic, the person is in some way strong enough to deal with it because they have already had enough life experiences to know they don’t want the PTSD sneaking up on them out of nowhere years later.  They will not deny their feeling or the depth of the trauma.  While they might be in a state of shock, they are not.  I believe one is at a different state of consciousness.  Allowing the event to unfold but not allowing a victim vibration.

I’m not sure if there is a diagnosis/label for this situation.  Maybe the medical/psychiatric community has another word for this situation and I’m open to your comments.  It’s different than grief yet contains grief.  It’s not depression either.  You may, or may not, need medication and the support of the medical community.  You do need an outward sign so others know that you need kindness and a lot of it as you try to maneuver in the world with your invisible wound that you are tending to.  While you might spend days at home alone, at some point you will need to go to the store, etc. again.  You need unconditional support and love.  At times though, the world is relentless and gives no one a break.  You might find that you can’t even speak about the pain you are working through.  Or you very well may scare others away.  I mean, most of us are not trained in how to deal with 100% raw emotion.

The traumatic event can also lay on top of another painful event that had already happened in one’s life.  If you can work backwards and connect the dots, you are making strides to release and heal this compounded wound.

Some challenges with TSD are: Where you have this event, Who surrounds you and When (time wise).  Do you feel safe and at “home” to fall apart or is it better to retreat to a more supportive environment?  Do you have at least one person who will allow you to say the most illogical and negative statements and not judge you or later hold your words against you?  Will they sit next to you in silence as you cry and cry?  Will they give you a tissue, a cold coke or a hug when the time is right?  Reach out (ask) for this support and allow another to care for you.  Now is not the time to be alone.

Are you able to take time to disconnect from the world so you can feel the wound, process and heal – release the suffering. Or will you escape into work, a deadline or another event?  And often others wish to place a due date on healing and returning to normal.  Well, you’ll never be “normal.”

Know that this too shall pass and yes, it might take some time.  Be proud of your strength and openness to feel, discern and heal.  You are changing.  You are evolving.  You are living.  You will be better for this experience but trust me you will not understand that as it is happening.  For some reason, this event needed to happen now.  The issue is, our mind feels it’s out of order or shouldn’t have happened to us.  It makes us feel crazy or a victim when we are not.  We are human and an amazing spiritual being.  The event is nothing to be ashamed about.  It had to happen and you can do this.

In trauma, it gives your soul an opportunity to surface.  I recently heard the word, soul break yet, I struggled with this word choice thinking your soul can’t break.  It can be ignored and splintered but it is still there.  Maybe it’s just (finally) breaking through – a soul birth.  Just like labor, it can be a painful experience and worth it.  The age at which this happens to you doesn’t matter.  As you rest and recover, listen to what your soul (not your mind) has to say.  Don’t rush the process.  Trust the process!

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