Say no to pain and YES to your personal power


No one likes to suffer yet…

Many suffer at a job they don’t like.

Many suffer living in an environment that is not ideal.

Many suffer in a relationship.

Suffering can be become a way of life. Suffering is when one believes there is no end to the pain. They don’t believe there is a solution or they don’t see/know what the solution might be. If you are suffering… stop. I know, easier said than done. Staying stuck in the suffering isn’t helping though. Now is the time to think outside the box. Something has to change. Usually it begins with you. If you are waiting for the change, well, be prepared for more suffering.

Have a pep-talk with yourself. What one thing can you do? Maybe it’s just changing your thoughts. Instead of thinking negative, think positive… about everything. That in itself can be a challenge yet might be the solution. Pain though is often our soul letting us know that we are off course. Way off course. Make time for yourself and decided what changes will be best for you. Make a plan and work the plan.  I’d suggest keeping it simple.  Don’t add to many moving parts/pieces.  What one/right/pure intention can you carry out?  Something that would free you and make your heart sing.

Remember love, joy, freedom, peace, balance, laughter.  Not pain.  Don’t stay stuck in pain.  Pain can be a great motivator but don’t allow it to overstay.  Remember who you are.  Know that you are more resilient than you think.



YOU got this.

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