Many of us were raised on guilt. “You let your mother and I down.” “How could you do that?”

It caused many of us to second guess ourselves and then adapt to our surroundings. It became a motivator and we learned to please others, often at our expense. Continue reading

The 2012-2015 Wave of Healers and Teachers


As I meditated, I could feel a united group of healers and teachers.  A new group, like the graduating class of 2015.  These past three years have not always been easy in Earth school yet now I feel an excitement. Continue reading

When seeing a psychic doesn’t help…


I mean, it’s supposed to. While some go to a psychic for sheer entertainment, many go seeking advice or closure. I kept thinking about an experience I had years ago. Since it was still in my brain (and doesn’t need to be), I know to write and release. So here’s my story, what I learned and how it shaped me. Continue reading

Summer… books… award… and writing?? Oh my!


I’m reminding myself to breathe today.  All of a sudden it feels like there is much to do.  For example, it’s already 4 p.m.  Where has today gone?!  I feel as if I’ve been in a time warp today.  Yet, I’m determined not to say, I’m busy.  I am… present. Continue reading



The further I travel on my own spiritual mecca, the more I realize the importance of balance. Having balance in my life brings peace. When I don’t feel at peace, I know to question if I’m balancing my awake to sleep time, my indoor to outdoor time, my work to fun, my alone time to family and friends time, my mind driven to-do list with what is really important each day. Continue reading