Relationship Misunderstood


I’ve had a few of these in my life. Well… let me be honest. I’ve had more relationships misunderstood than understood. Family members, friends, lovers, co-workers and even strangers are just as important since the random and brief interactions can be pivotal in our journey of life.

And then there are the relationships where at one point there was a comfort and understanding and then…

It might have been a defining moment that would change every dynamic of the relationship or a progression and series of events. A line that had been crossed, a bond and trust broken. Often we are caught by surprise.

I know that people are placed in our life for a moment, a season and sometimes for a lifetime. Each one serves a purpose. I was thinking about a person today and just couldn’t understand why after all these years we were still not respecting and understanding each other about a few basic things. It seemed ridiculous to me and… frustrating. It could be so simple, why the drama? This person is part of my soul plane/family and at this time I can’t ignore or write them off. While they might go away for a while, they and the lesson seems to come back around often enough.

As the years have passed, I’ve tried boundaries and to re-evaluate myself and my actions. Today I was asking, seriously, what is the reason… the lesson? Why couldn’t we at least be kind to each other and agree to disagree? What do you do when you just don’t know what else to do? At times, I’m a sensitive soul – I just long for peace.

As I thought, I realized that boundaries really didn’t help much. Interesting since spirituality is about inclusion. I do know that the Universe will naturally move people, places and situations when you are no longer a vibrational match. I also know that others are our mirror to assist in our own healing.

So I meditated. I sincerely blessed this person. I sent them the love that is in my heart … that is me. I didn’t think about the past or the future. I didn’t think about any attachment or outcomes. I sent love and I felt peace.

Whatever you need… know that another needs it more than you.  Whenever you feel lack, this is what you are to give.  You might feel that you don’t have it to give… yet you do.  Find a way.  It doesn’t have to be grand.  Just simple and sincere.

After I meditated, I had a few thoughts for others who might also be struggling with this situation.

  1.  Have you taken the time to meditate and feel the hurt?  You might think it’s gone but check in with your mind and body.  Sit with it.  Allow any emotion, tears, or anger to be released.  This might be why it continues to play out in your life since it’s still in you.   It might take one time or many.  Healing is often a process.
  2.  Can you accept that you might not ever understand the, why.  Or at least this life.  Can you let it go from your mind and body and in humor put it in the category of one of life’s great mysteries?  Can you remind yourself that each time you think of the person and start to get mad/sad/any negative emotion, refocus on something positive?  Your negative thoughts are adding fuel to the fire.  Your thoughts are creating the form.  They are keeping the lesson active in you.  If you have done all that you can do… let it go!  Move on.  Your job is to understand… you!  There is no way you can understand how another’s mind works and thinks.
  3. Know that you are a good person.  You have better things to do then allow your mind to place you in a loop of negative energy.  Also know that no one can hurt you.  Don’t allow it.  You are not a victim.
  4. Finally, appreciate those who do understand you.  Give thanks and nurture those relationships.  Be open to new relationships and even for your most challenging relationship to rise to a level where there can be an understanding.  Hold it in light and love.

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