When hope runs out… remember…


I grew up aligning to words like faith, hope and love.  When life got tough, I thought of my faith, had hope and believed in love and miracles.  This was enough.  But what do you do when hope isn’t enough?  When you’re not sure what your faith is (anymore).  When you haven’t been feeling the love.  What do you do when life has been challenging for too long?  What do you do when hope runs out and despair sets in?

I often write about the beauty that I see, yet, at times when I look around, I see sad, frustrated and hopeless faces.  I see numb beings.  Yet… that person could be me.  Heck, that has been me at times.

If you want to see what I mean, spend a day being very aware of your surrounds and watch others.  Even during a trip to Walmart.  But first, you’ll have to catch yourself.  Look at everyone, not just the folks that are like you, or the happy and nice ones or what you consider the super weird.  Look for the quieter ones… the ones you don’t even realize you ignore.  You might consider them odd or grumpy.  The ones who wear their struggle (feel heavy), have fallen through the cracks (seem lost) and whose eyes watch the floor (disconnected). By the end of the day, you’ll see that they surround you yet usually you are too busy to notice.  I try to stay present in my daily interactions.  When I’m out, I remind myself to brighten another’s day.  Often it just takes an acknowledgement like a, hello.  A smile.  A compliment or maybe sharing a moment of humor.

Yet, I still wondered what does one do when hope runs out?   I was raised thinking this wasn’t even an option (being hopeless) but these are challenging times we are living in.  Hope is like a fuel and does need to be replenished.  The questioned nagged at me since I’ve seen a few examples recently of how much can one human endure?

I love it when Spirit whispers in my ear.  This is what I heard:  “Hope is not knowing… one must embrace the not knowing.  So this is what you do when hope runs out.  It doesn’t mean the end of life – giving up.  It’s the beginning.”  The feeling that came with the words went from despair to opportunity.

So hmm.  This sounds like surrender to me.  Surrender to the not knowing.  Making peace with the uncomfortable.  This is tough to do.  Maybe loss of hope is a good thing.  Maybe this is where it all starts.  A shattering or shedding of what isn’t you.  Maybe a change of thought or action is needed.  A time to pick yourself up and walk through a new door.  Maybe this is where you discover the resiliency of your soul.  Instead of looking down, look up.  Seek.  Be open.  Dare to live… truly live your life.

So maybe it’s not hope that anchors the soul but a knowing.  Knowing that each person has a purpose here on Earth.  This is your anchor, life vest and connection during the storms of life.  You are meant to be here.  You are love.  Let’s also help to remind others of this.

Hope is like a thread on a balloon.  It is to take us on a journey.  A connection to the unlimited Universe.  This tread will get stronger as we trust and use it.  When hope runs out (or your balloon has been popped), you stop bluffing. It’s time to dig deep within yourself and remember what you are made of.


And almost a year after I wrote this post, I was guided to this song/story.  Wow!  Please take a few minutes to watch and be changed/inspired.  ❤

6 comments on “When hope runs out… remember…

  1. This is a powerful post. I have been in the space with no Hope in the past. When I was living each day just waiting for my death to come naturally.

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    • Thank you and… I love you!! I originally wrote this post after my dark night. Then, later I watched the video and was like – WOW! This is just a moment (as we now know) but at times this journey is tough. We are though here for a reason! A big HUG. 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

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