Mother Earth


What if we have this all wrong.  We live on this planet like we are the dominant species yet…

nature and wildlife were here before us.  We have a relationship with the planet that we live on.  So why do we too often ignore the beauty?  Why do we often take without even asking, claiming it as our own?  Why do we pollute, hunt down (not for survival) or destroy for our instant pleasure or gain?  Why do we get mad when weather interrupts our plans or animals live as they were born to do?  Love and respect Mother Earth.  All of her ways.  Make time to be with her.  She is your teacher.  Watch her cycles.  Listen to her rhythm.

So watch a sunrise.  Run in a field.  Play in the ocean.  Dance with the wind.  Plant a tree.  Pick up trash that you see.  Say, thanks.  Thanks for the ground that you walk on.  Live with, not against, this plane that we live on.  That we choose to live on.  Celebrate with her.  Help to sustain her.  Stay grounded to her.

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