Keep Calm and…


I’ve always loved this saying and it is so true.  I also find it to be a real challenge at times – the calm part.

First, you need to connect with your inner calmness.  This sounds obvious and simple yet many do not know how or what this state of being feels like.  Calmness and peace can actually feel boring or make one nervous.  I use the word meditate and know that it takes many forms.  It can be as simple as taking a minute to step away from the noise and taking a few breaths.

Then, try to connect to this state of being as you go through your day.  While in a meeting, in the grocery store, or as you drive.  It will bring a smile to your face and a feeling of letting go.  It seems to be a reminder of what is really important to you.

Then… when  you feel the pressure, the stress, remind yourself.  Turn inward to your calm core.  You know what it feels like.  It’s your stronghold.  There is no doubt.  Look at the whirlwind that surrounds you.  Take a breath and remain calm.  This is just a moment.  Remember who you are.  Feel your connection to your Universal support team (higher self, angels, guides).  Feel safe.

Feel your heart.  Your love.  Decide to love yourself enough to stay calm.  Stay calm in your heart.  There is no need for it to race.  Stay calm in your mind.  There is no need to flood it with stress hormones that will stay for hours after the incident.  There is no need to wire your brain to drama, crisis or needing to react.  This is just a test.  Instead wire yourself to love, your heart, your core, your connection to the unlimited.

Breath in love.  Breath out love.  Stay calm and carry on!

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