The further I travel on my own spiritual mecca, the more I realize the importance of balance. Having balance in my life brings peace. When I don’t feel at peace, I know to question if I’m balancing my awake to sleep time, my indoor to outdoor time, my work to fun, my alone time to family and friends time, my mind driven to-do list with what is really important each day.

I’ve found too much of anything does tips the scale of balance. Too much reading, writing, seeking… There needs to be time for… nothing.  Silence.  Rest.  Meditation. Remaining open.  And yes, to laugh and play.


Balance is the action, reaction, the ying to the yang, the as above so below, the mirror. The centering in the variety of life. The walk on the wild side to then know your center. Find balance and you will find peace.

For those of you who are already strongly connected to the world of spirit, you might also understand that I find it a challenge at times to balance the amazing energy of the Universe with the reality I see and maneuver through. I know “my reality” is an illusion but I often forget this. When I connect to Spirit, it seems so easy… because it is that easy. I totally understand and agree when I’m connected. Then… later and feeling more human, it’s easy to struggle with some of the messages I received. I used to doubt many of the messages. Now I know better.

Or the message seems like now (since there is no time) yet I have to be patient for the unfolding that might take weeks, months or years. It’s loving the gift yet also letting go for it to unfold as it’s intended to. I am not in control. I just have to breathe.

So I end on with this image I found online. I’m not sure I could have said it any better.


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