Reoccurring dreams


Have you ever had a reoccurring dream?  Or a dream that scared you?  While I love dreams, as they are great messengers, what is the point of these types of dreams?  It would be easy to just dismiss them.

Could it be a warning? A situation that might occur. Just because the dream scared you, well… it did get your attention … which I think is the point. The ending in the dream doesn’t have to  happen. You can change your life in each moment. Is the dream asking you to think differently? How would you react? Then think some more. What’s an even better way to respond? Then when the situation appears in your waking state, you’re well prepared.   🙂  So discern, ask for clarity or a sign if needed. I’d also give thanks for the warning/message. Know that your angels want you to succeed.

It might also be releasing of a current or past issue. Look for the symbolism. This is a reminder from the Universe that it’s time to, let go.

So I wish you happy dreaming in both your awake and sleep state!

*  I found this picture online and love it but I’m not sure who to source.  If you know, please comment 🙂

2 comments on “Reoccurring dreams

  1. I had a recurring dream as a child of a strange place unlike anywhere on Earth. I plan to write about it soon on my blog. I believe each person has recurring themes show up in their dreams, but do you think it’s common to have the same exact dream multiple times?

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