Summer… books… award… and writing?? Oh my!


I’m reminding myself to breathe today.  All of a sudden it feels like there is much to do.  For example, it’s already 4 p.m.  Where has today gone?!  I feel as if I’ve been in a time warp today.  Yet, I’m determined not to say, I’m busy.  I am… present.

My boys are out of school.  Its summer and I like to be outdoors playing and yes, this includes yard work.

I met a new, like-minded friend in the area.

I started two amazing books and an art (craft) project.

There seem to be many youtubes on my watch later list and I’d love to watch them now since they seem to tie into…

I’m in the middle of a “theme”  (I’m sure it’s a lesson, but for whatever reason that is not the right word now.)  in my own personal journey and know I need some time daily to meditate and journal.  And rest!

And then, I was nominated for a blogger recognition award for inspiring and insightful writing.  Wow!  This is very nice.  I’m honored and would like to have the time to sincerely pay it forward.  Thank you Amina –

I feel like I had months of life going at such a slow pace and I actually got used to it… and even more, liked it.  A lesson for me and a duality.  The old me was very quick and efficient.  The old me was also a (quiet) ball of stress.  I don’t think that version of me is ever coming back.

So I will take it day by day and remember to do what I love.  Everything else will fall into place.  Time is not the issue.  I will not make it an issue.

I do wish to mention the books I’m reading.  One I read at least five years ago and passed along.  I know I underlined many sentences in the book.  I’d bet now though that the sentences I’m underlining are very different.  I’ve changed so much in the past five years yet this book is still good for me. Soul Love, Awakening Your Heart Centers by Sanaya Roman.

The other was a gift from a dear and intuitive friend – thank you.  It came just when I was ready.  It’s been a comfort and an a-ha book. Simply Being, One Year With Spirit by Pamela B. Silberman.  I always google authors but actually didn’t see much on Pamela.  Usually one finds websites, facebook pages, etc.  I guess her online low profile surprised me.

I paused, as I often do when I’m reading a good book.  I wondered if these authors knew how much their writing was helping me.  Did they truly have any idea?  Sanaya’s book was written 18 years ago.  Did these women have any idea the lasting effect of their words/message?

I write because I have to.  It’s become a natural state of my being.  And yes, I do hope it might help another but I don’t often stop to think on this.

So in closing, I’m pondering.  First, I’m grateful.  I know my outer world is a reflection of me.  I see so many options and things that I’d love to partake in.  I’ll be honest though, at first I could feel the old me start to resurface.  A feeling of being overwhelmed yet determined to do it all.  Prioritizing, being organized and lists would help.  Now, I just smile.  I now know the importance of balance.  Really there is no rush and I know it will all work out.  I will listen to my heart.  I will trust in my decisions.  I will use my mind but not allow it to push me.  I will stay grounded and connected.  I will remain present since in those moments the real gifts surface.  I will write when I can, or, like today, feel inspired to.  And when you ask for signs, well… I have one in my back yard.  Despite the heat, beautiful roses.  Then again, I do try to water them.  STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES!

I do hope your summer is as amazing as mine is shaping up to be.  Blessed, we all are.  Sending out much love.

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