Question: Did I make the right choice?

Answer: Always!

If a situation comes to you and you don’t know what to do, I feel one has two options.

IF you have the time, discern. Discern does not meet to overthink. Make time to meditate and see the bigger picture and lesson. Stay open minded to better understand your role. Many think meditation takes a lot of time. Any amount of time will help. Ask to see the situation in a higher light.

If you don’t have the time, or have not had enough discernment time and you are still confused/ uncertain then…

Let it go.

Confusion = Confusion. You are looking for peace.  Maybe no action is needed. This is not avoiding, denial or procrastination.

It’s probably a life lesson and you are blindsided at the moment. No worries. The Universe will bring it back to your attention later.

Once you’ve made a decision, clear your energy field. Do not allow doubt or second guessing to sneak back in. Breathe in love. Breathe out love. Move forward in your knowing in this moment. Trust yourself and the Universe.  Go where that inner tug takes you.

There are no wrong decisions. Just different options.


So when in doubt, keep things simple. You can also ask yourself, Is this best for YOU? Does this feel like a vibrational match to what you are seeking? Could this situation bring a blessing in disguise or do you have a knowing (and one should honor that)?

Choices are a wonderful thing. Opportunities to use your free will. Welcome these moments verses dreading or laboring in them. They are proof that you are a powerful manifestor and at times reminders of how much and how fast you are changing. Evolving. Awesome!

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