Can you hear me now?


This is for those who are trying to channel yet find themselves saying, I’m unable to make a connection to my spirit guide.  Do they hear me?  Why can’t I hear them?

Intuition has been with me from an early age. I can remember having these, knowing’s.  A different perspective and often I’d come to find out they were correct. I’d also have random quick visions or just a few words that seemed to be dropped from above that stopped me in my tracks. Later in my life, I learned that I was an empath. I did feel everything around me. Many things seemed obvious to me yet, others would be surprised that I knew. My dreams also became more vivid and I could see signs all around me that I’d been ignoring.

A few years ago, channeling started for me. I don’t like using the psychic word because it is not this. It is not about predicting the future. It’s also not about quick answers. Channeling, to me, is about a relationship, learning and evolving. Some would say, remembering.

For me, channeling is about reminding you who you really are. Not who you think you are or who you have become. It’s about healing and understanding. It’s about receiving what I call wisdom teachings that have been around for thousands of years. It’s about a bond and love.  It’s an energy and a gift.  I’m grateful that I have the ability and connection. I also believe anyone can awaken their ability. I do need to say though, it’s a process. The Universe and your soul know the right time to re-connect. Actually, you’ve never been disconnected.

I know of other intuitive people who’ve expressed frustration. They’ve tried and feel unheard. They meditate… they feel open to the connection… they believe. They know they have a gift yet it’s sparse and sporadic and they hope for more. I know that for me, years ago I couldn’t turn it on at the snap of a finger.  Even now, there are times that I can’t. When a message came, I received and was grateful. I will say though that I became a student and with any skill, the more you practice and use it, the stronger and better you get.

So I wondered why another, who is so willing to make the connection, would be unable to do so. I think it could be for many reasons. Often it’s about timing. Another issue is, think back to other times in your life when you were unheard. Ponder or journal on this. Release this. Trust.

Know that your spirit guide(s) hear you just fine.

Because “psychic” moments are so random, one can easily doubt themselves. Believe. One might also want it too badly. You have to let go. You can’t force it. You might need to lower your expectations (that you will be a guru overnight) or standards you are placing on yourself.  Channeling, particularly in the beginning, will start out of the blue.  Usually when you are relaxed and NOT expecting it.

Ground yourself in love and light and be open to the energy that steps forward.  I know that for me, the first energy I channeled seemed so silly to me, it was easy to dismiss. There are so many energies on the other side. You might think you have just one guide but for me, my guides and other energies come and go. Some have stayed with me. Many come to teach a certain lesson or relay a particular message and then seem to quietly fade away.  You might have a departed love one who wishes to relay a message.

Channeling is about making a connection to a higher energy field. It’s not in your mind or of this plane. I recommend a relaxed or peaceful state of being and then, in that feeling good state, open your mind to a higher energy.  Breathing into this deeper state helps.

You might send up a, help me. Ask for a sign. What is blocking my ability? Then don’t be surprised if you stumble over a “sign” in the next few days. Think on how the symbolism fits your situation.  Gratitude also helps. When you notice a sign or receive even the smallest message, even if it’s just one word – acknowledge.

Channeling and the spiritual journey will teach you a lesson on patience.  Be patient with yourself.  And… have fun with this.  This is not job and you don’t need to be so serious.  The messages are usually carried on a vibration of joy.


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