Many of us were raised on guilt. “You let your mother and I down.” “How could you do that?”

It caused many of us to second guess ourselves and then adapt to our surroundings. It became a motivator and we learned to please others, often at our expense.

You can’t control other’s emotions or response – that’s their journey.The only person you can really let down is yourself. Well, your ego.

What if I told you guilt doesn’t exist?

What if I told you it’s only in your mind and you can re-train your brain.

Your soul holds no guilt. There is no guilt in Heaven. It serves no purpose.


Guilt can cause one to do some crazy things.

It will also make you sick.

It’s an energy leak.

Guilt can cloud your thoughts and will linger as long as you wish to hold on to it.

You do not need to cling to guilt. Choose another emotion instead like joy, peace, love.

Yet… It can show us when and where we are off course.

Where guilt resides, discernment is needed. What is guilt trying to teach you?

Maybe a relationships that has become co-dependent or where boundaries have been crossed.

Maybe that you are not taking time or care for yourself.

Maybe there is a different side of the story that you don’t know and if you did…

Question your guilt. Understand your guilt. Release your guilt.

Trust that you are doing what you need to do and that life is unfolding as it should.

Shine on!

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