The 2012-2015 Wave of Healers and Teachers


As I meditated, I could feel a united group of healers and teachers.  A new group, like the graduating class of 2015.  These past three years have not always been easy in Earth school yet now I feel an excitement.

I’ve read so many good articles here lately and don’t know what I’d do without the internet. I do, now, feel surrounded by like-minded. This was not always the case. Up until just six months ago, I often felt alone on my spiritual journey and attempts.

I see common threads that hold all of us together although the ways, beliefs and words we use to describe vary. A very colorful tapestry. It’s beautiful. So it’s hard to summarize or make generic what is happening. An awakening, a mass yet often individual spiritual quest, a step in our planet’s evolution. Yes. Some use words like: Lightworker, Channel, Astrology, Reiki, oh the list could go on. Really the one word that sums it all up is, LOVE. Love for ourselves, love for what we do and love for others and this planet.

For the spiritual human beings who seem to be on this wave that started decades ago but really in 2012, you might have experienced:

  • An interest in psychic, the world of spirit, metaphysical, holistic (whatever words you’d like to use) that turned into a calling and passion.
  • An increase (and for some in a very surprising way) in your intuitive ability.
  • Internal healing work that you had no warning of or idea of the depth.  Work that lasted much longer than you’d have thought.  You understand a, Dark Night of the Soul.
  • A deep longing and calling, “Home”.
  • Struggle, doubt, confusion, pain and moments that you surely thought you’d lost your mind.  You probably felt as if you had it more together before.  Yet, you also probably had a defining moment years ago when you knew your life could be better, should be different.
  • Being removed from the traditional world and possibly have been unable to find employment for a few years now.  It’s not just the economy, you know you’ve been removed to do this work.  You thought your work would be in the spiritual/healing arena yet you’ve discovered it has been more about working on, you.  You might have fought yourself (and spent much time trying to return) since working the traditional job was the only way you knew.
  • Weird body symptoms yet a knowing that nothing was medically wrong with you – ascension symptoms.  Yet I like what Lisa Transcendence Brown says, “Light upgrades!”  The word symptom makes us sound like a victim to what is an amazing process.  More recently feeling a collapse, a splitting, or uncomfortable in your own skin. Feeling like your nine months pregnant and not sure you can do another day.  You are ready for, the baby.
  • A strong sense of being protected.  You can acknowledge small miracles or things that didn’t have to happen in your favor, yet did.  You also now understand that any challenge that comes to you is for your best interest.  You are stronger and less fearful.
  • You now believe.  You can remember who you were and now feel so open and forever changed.  Your brain feels different as you have spent time re-wiring it.
  • A desire to know what your true purpose it.  The details.  A feeling of being on stand-by, like you are waiting for your orders.

For those of us on this next wave, do I think we’ll continue our personal development and internal healing work? YES!  Do I think we’ll continue to grow into our gift and remembrance?  YES!  Do I think that we are ready? Oh ya!!  We’ve been out there in the deep ocean of our soul, our life, our world and the Universe for a few years now. Now, our wave is coming. We are getting ready to come ashore.

So rest.  Don’t expect or try to control.  Trust.  Stay present and savor this moment and all that you do know.  Feel peace.  Breathe.  Enjoy.  Laugh.  Really, that is all there is to do now.  I do believe each of us, in our own ways, are getting ready to do some amazing work.


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