Stillness Speaks


I awoke this morning excited.  I’ve had at least one companion all summer.  Their company has been welcomed, I just haven’t had any alone time.  I told myself once I was back to being on my own, I’d first and foremost catch up on some sleep.  Well… it must be like the first day of vacation where you can sleep yet I’m wide awake.  I’m excited to be with… myself.  This is very telling. Continue reading

Journaling the Journey


I’ve had a balanced yet full summer. I haven’t been bloggings as much as I was. While I love writing, writing is newer to me. It’s just been these past three years that I’ve been writing most days of the week. My love for the summer months though has been with me all of my life – my mermaid DNA.  So some activities wait till the cooler months. I have though been keeping a notebook and glance over the past two months.  All I can say is – Wow! Continue reading

Can you be patient with the process?


I love the saying, trust the process. This in itself has been a test for me. I will say it’s gotten easier as I continue my journey. Patience… well, I’d trained myself to be efficient and fast. Having patience was not part of this equation.  So this has been another trait to unlearn.  There is no time or the pressure that it imposes.  I know… Continue reading

Who coined the word, lightworker?

Soul Love

I googled and couldn’t find an answer although I think I found it.  I’ve been reading Soul Love by Sanaya Roman (again). This book has so many good reminders!  On page 203 she writes… “There are millions of people who are working to bring about an awakened humanity. I will call these people lightworkers.”  Sanaya (I ❤ you) published this book in 1997. I wonder if the word was used before then.  If you have information, feel free to comment.