Dream symbolism, analysis and… humor.


Oh how I love my dreams!  Last night I dreamed I was pushing an uncooperative shopping cart in a Walmart like store.

This cart also seemed smaller than I and I had the lean over a bit to push it.  I was getting frustrated.  I expected it to roll smoothly along.  So I pushed the cart ahead of me and it went straight into… a men’s bathroom.  Oh my!  There were things I needed in the cart so I ran in and retrieved my cart that was now normal size and, I stumbled to grab it quickly.   And yes, in my dream, there was a man in the bathroom – now startled, who was staring directly at me, lol.

So what do you think?

The first thought that came to me was… you just can’t push life.  If you do, you’ll end up where you don’t need to be and… you’ll be looked at funny.

Yet this simple dream could also be interpreted other ways.  Like, why didn’t I change carts or ask for help?  And, what was in my cart?

Online dream dictionaries are helpful … yet, you know your story.  What is your soul/angel/the Universe trying to tell you?  We all have dreams we don’t understand. Writing them down can help.  Look at the key words, actions or people.  Who/what do they symbolize?  I also find that thinking on the dream later, well… it often then becomes obvious with a little detachment.

I’ve found if you appreciate your dreams, more will come.  Keep a pen and notepad by your bed.  According to google, 90% of dreams are forgotten within the first five minutes of waking.

Look forward to a good night’s sleep so you can have several opportunities to dream.

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