Let go to receive


The more you let go…  the more you will receive.

I know it’s hard but try it.  You might just like it.  You might just be very surprised.

Start small… practice… work your way up to bigger things.  This is not a one time effort, it’s a way of being.

So let go off a few material things.  Be generous.  Donate.  Let go of a few stories you tell yourself.  You can change your story.  Let go of a grudge you’ve been holding on to.  It carries to much weight.  Let go of a fear that is not you.  Know that you are safe.  Let you of a relationship you have outgrown.  Find another who understands you.  Let go of your guilt and trust your instincts.

Remain open.  Open your heart.  Wider!  Let go of your love.  Who you are.  Let it naturally flow through you.

Watch it come back to you.

Here’s a catchy song I found online, Boomerang Lovehttps://vimeo.com/30644183


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