I guess I read one too many online articles last night before I went to bed. My brain was full. They were of the spiritual nature but…

Be careful what you put in your brain. I slept just a few hours and now I’m up early this morning. I tossed and turned and seemed to be talking to the other side. I guess I needed some reassuring and understanding. In channeling, I’ve received a variety of messages. All of them have been empowering in some way. Over a year ago, I did receive a message that alarmed me a bit. A message that the east coast of the Unites States would no longer exist. Well, I live on the east coast. Just a mile inland from the water. So yes, this got my attention. Weeks or maybe months later I received a follow up message. I was told that if I had Atlantis in my code, I’d be warned. Hmm.

As I awoke, my mind was like a washing machine on the agitate cycle. Yes, let’s get the dirt (negative) out. I thought of what I call the core messages I’ve received. Messages of love and to, fear not. This I firmly believe.

So what if messages (either that we receive or read in the form of articles) that cause of to question or trigger us a bit are just to help us wake up and then release old codes. Old DNA that no longer serves us. The goal is for our mind, body and soul to be at peace – remember?  I can find this state quickly in meditation or nature. It’s an instant re-set.

So in writing, I already feel better. I also find peace in writing. I get to choose my reality. I’m smiling. Are you?

My advice… read a book like Soul Love before you go to sleep. Don’t watch the news. Have a nightly mantra that gives thanks and sets you up for a good night’s sleep.

And as I was getting ready to post this, my horoscope came across for today. “Watch out for people who are moving at a fast pace today – and then get out of their way! Just because they seem like they know the answers about the big questions in life doesn’t mean that they really do. Even if they do, it doesn’t mean that the answers for them are the answers for you. It’s important to go at your own pace in figuring things out. Any search for greater meaning has to start and end within you. Following a confident person’s path means you are following a path that is not your own.”

Fitting, wouldn’t you say?

Fear is a cartoon character in the Inside Out movie.  Ah, he made me laugh – just saying.

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