Can you be patient with the process?


I love the saying, trust the process. This in itself has been a test for me. I will say it’s gotten easier as I continue my journey. Patience… well, I’d trained myself to be efficient and fast. Having patience was not part of this equation.  So this has been another trait to unlearn.  There is no time or the pressure that it imposes.  I know…

It’s also hard to teach this to the next generation where most things are instant and immediate.

The spiritual journey is not about speed. It is about making a forever change.  It’s about seeing what you need to see in those moments that require patience.

So I’ll leave you with a few additional saying that I found helpful.




Find comfort in your own patience and process.  In patience you can find peace.

4 comments on “Can you be patient with the process?

  1. Having patience is one of my biggest challenges now. I made progress earlier this year by letting things flow at their natural pace. I felt so much inner peace and was finally on the right track. But then I started receiving pressure from others to have everything figured out and slipped back to my old anxious, impatient ways. Thanks for reminding us to be patient with the process. I’m going to work on this again.

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  2. Patience, patience, patience…even my Guides tell me that. I guess it IS part of the process. The spiritual journey definitely isn’t about speed…but can we please push the accelarator just a tiny bit? Please?

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