Stillness Speaks


I awoke this morning excited.  I’ve had at least one companion all summer.  Their company has been welcomed, I just haven’t had any alone time.  I told myself once I was back to being on my own, I’d first and foremost catch up on some sleep.  Well… it must be like the first day of vacation where you can sleep yet I’m wide awake.  I’m excited to be with… myself.  This is very telling.

I don’t have  a plan in this moment.  I just stand… in myself and the morning.  I breathe.  All I feel is peace.  Gratitude.  Blessed.  Comfort.  This is a great place to start.

I think of all the Mondays where it was the start of the week.  A fast paced survival dash to the end of the week.  I surely didn’t have this moment.  Back then it would have seemed insane to stand and do nothing.  Now it seems insane to do anything but savor this moment.  Yes, for a split second I could feel my old mind – the list maker.  I instead came to two words.  Stillness Speaks.  Honestly I forgot this is a title of work by Eckhart Tolle.  He is a great teacher on being present and the power of being in the now.

And… I’d be remised if I didn’t say, I also wish to give gratitude to another teacher and way shower, Wayne Dyer.  I was surprised to see on Facebook of his passing last night.  It seemed to soon.  A guess a reminder that each day is a blessing.

Make the most of this day in your own way.  Carve out a few moments to be present in yourself… to appreciate… to breathe.  Have a blessed day.

Beautiful sunset in mountains, Mallorca, Balearic island, Spain

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