September 2015 Channeled Message


I often… ponder.  Three common questions on this journey are:  Who am I?  What is my purpose?  What is the meaning of life?  This message is a perspective on the purpose question.  I have, in the past, received a variety of messages/answers.  This latest one I found interesting.

“Purpose is for those who need.  You need no thing… remember?  Purpose seems limited to us – like a law.  Can restrict one.  As a person, you do accomplish many goals (do good).  Yet, think unlimited since a divine plan is allowing, flexible and constantly changing.  The meaning of life is constantly being defined.”

“Many choose a dream/goal/purpose and stick with it.  A specific task.  This is fine.  You… don’t need to know your purpose since you do it every day.  Some are here just to hold the light yet many of those don’t even remember/know/claim.  They just do it naturally.”

“So there is no need to ask, what is my purpose?  Ask us other questions if wish to ask questions.  We just don’t want to see you setting yourself up for failure.  Trying to hold yourself to a standard.  Meaning… don’t you think you’d know by now?  With all of your thoughts and actions, many so automatic.  If it’s in your plan, you’d be doing it without a second thought.  It’s not the answer to the question.  It’s the question.  The question assists in your awakening.  Don’t get obsessed with knowing the answer to the specific question.  Let it take you where you really need to go.  Allow questions to be your guide.”

“Your purpose often ties into your life lessons.  I’d bet you could make a (long) list of life lessons.  What if, though, you have accomplished enough?”

Hmm.  So… this sounds like you are letting me off the hook.  “To be free.”  Then, my purpose is… no purpose?  “Sounds like Freedom.”

“Many think purpose = happiness.  Purpose = a mind thing.  Keeps you seeking for something.  You are already complete.  So you will ask these type of questions since you know no other way.  In time, you will.”

“Why can’t awakening be enough of a purpose?  Instead of pushing ahead, enjoy the awakening.  You have forgotten how amazing this is.”  Ahh, yes.  I am grateful.  Thank you.

“Trying to figure out your purpose can take you off the path.  Well, it’s just a different path.   One must be careful.  Get out of your mind and live.”    Wow.

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