So you thought this… life… would be easy?


HA! Ha ha… oh, still laughing. Who promised that?

I’ve always been interest in the world of spirit. I found it intriguing. Several years ago that interest went from a hobby to a calling and passion. I had to answer and I had no fear. I had several inspiring role models – authors and speakers – that made it look easy. So I dove in. Then… I panicked. How deep is this pool?  LOL yet… yikes.  It’s bottomless.  I just needed to stop thrashing around and breathe. I had to find my stride.

I almost felt tricked. I was living my passion but… I surely wasn’t manifesting abundance. Well, yes I was. An abundance of challenging lessons that got me closer to my truth and alignment.

Honestly, no one promised it would be easy. I guess I, personally, just assumed. My amnesia.  It does get easier. I found after I made what seemed like hard choices, then my life would take a huge step forward. Be honest with yourself, be brave and just do it.

Living a life lead by spirit is a walk with faith. It’s often a stop and smell the roses walk. Being rooted and grounded in yourself does help.  At times though, it feels as if you’re being held or tested. Sometimes we need more study time before we can advance. We’ve been Masters and are to be again.  Those who are awakening now also have a new set of dynamics (both in their personal life and in the world around them). So unbeknownst to us, we signed up for an advanced course.

We just need to remind ourselves that we can do this. Yes, we chose this. We will get through the tough parts of awakening and life. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. We chose to be a way shower so that at some point, it will be.  Awakening will be easier or … even better, we will never go to sleep.





3 comments on “So you thought this… life… would be easy?

  1. I am just about to post something – as I told you in my last comment: inspired by your post…hope you’ll enjoy that one too (like I did yours)….and I forgot to mention: I REALLY love that pic!

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  2. Hi Molly, thanks for stopping by on my blog. Earlier when I left a ‘like’ I actually had written a long comment and then (coincidence or not?!?) pushed the wrong button and everything was gone before I could post it on here. So I was really upset at first but then thought about it and …you may have inspired me – perhaps a future post.
    Anyway. Thanks for your peptalk and yes, I think most of us / all of us have no idea what we signed up for.
    But we keep on going anyway…so hang in there, sister 😉

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    • I’ve had that happen and of course believe that everything happens for a reason but don’t always understand the reason – ugh and lol. Thank for commenting and I look forward to your future posts. Life is good but like most of us, I’ve been there. Let me hit the send button before I write too much and loose this. Have a great weekend!


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