Quick grounding exercise – Tie a bow


This exercise can be done with eyes open or closed and either standing or seated/resting.  It can take seconds or as much time as you’d like.

Visualize a long piece of ribbon. Choice your favorite color or design. Place it at your feet. Then pull the ribbon up towards your heart. As you move upward, pause and send loving energy to each chakra and/or body part. Root, Relationships, Career/Life purpose. Feet, ankles, knees, hips, stomach. Thank your body for supporting you.

Take a few deep breaths once you reach your heart. Feel as if you have pulled upward the roundedness of Mother Earth and your lower chakra’s. Feel the support, safety and wisdom.

When ready, place a hand in the air and pull down another ribbon. Pause at each chakra, feeling the light, warmth and blessings that you are pulling down and infusing into each chakra. Crown, Third Eye, Throat. Your face, chest, arms. Take a moment to feel the circulation of the pure and positive energy.  Allow yourself to glow.

Once you arrive in the middle, symbolically tie a bow around your heart. Connect the above with the below. Feel the peace and fluidity. Take a few slow breaths and give thanks.

Now you are present.  Yes, you are a present/gift to those around you.

Open eyes/resume activity when ready.

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