Wave X and Generation X


I had two thoughts this week.  LOL.  I’ve had too many thoughts this week.

Earlier in the week, I was wondering… Does Wave X (the incoming energy some are writing of) have anything to do with Generation X (age group 35-55)?

According to this article, http://www.socialmarketing.org/newsletter/features/generation3.htm

Generation X was tagged the “lost” generation.  Well… I think we are finding ourselves now.

There are energy waves all the time (and yes, they change).  So every moment, energy and message is special.  And I do see others of all ages awakening.  I just happen to be a GenX.


Yesterday morning I went to watch the sun rise on a sound side dock.  I’ve been around water most of my life and I’ve been to this dock many times.  The water is either calm or small lapping waves roll in. So this is what I saw.


Then… I could feel a sudden change (vibrationally) and looked down unto the water and saw this x shaped pattern. I thought it was just me (lol) so I was surprised when my camera captured it.  I’d never seen water do this.  It seemed to happen in a second …


and it lasted for minutes.


Ahhh… Wave X is here… a water sign.

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