This isn’t your momma’s spirituality

I’m cleaning out my writing folder.  I wonder if other bloggers are like me.  I seem to have several articles I’ve started but… then stop.  So I wrote this a few months ago.


I started my spiritual journey years ago. My Aunt encouraged me to read books by Carolyn Myss and Christie Northrup. Then I meet a friend who took me to the Edgar Casey library. Years later, I was introduced to Esther (Abraham) Hicks via a CD a co-worker lent me.  And the journey continued.

I’ve listened to or read from many of the big names in spirituality: Depock, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hayes, Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch, Miguel Ruiz and Sanaya Roman just to name a few.  As I listened and read from these teachers, I felt a connection and understanding. What started as an interest… I then found I was healing, growing and… remembering. I’ll be honest, I didn’t seek out these speakers to manifest money or change my life overnight. I seemed to know it would be a process. Up until just a few years ago, most of my journey was in the closet since many of the people who surrounded me grew up in a church. I slowly came away though since, in my search, I was finding answers that I couldn’t find in church.  The world outside of a church became my church.

So I thinking of the moms of the 60’s and 70’s. Free love and a few other things yet, not all moms of this era fit into this category. Some were very traditional. Regardless, lucky are you if they were the one who opened your mind or pointed you in this direction. My guess is recreational drugs helped many connect to a higher power yet many lost this connection as they grew up and conformed again back into society.  I do think this generation just had to feel the love.  The spiritual movement now though seems even… more.  Hmm… or could it be this simple?

Then we had a wave of inspirational teachers.  I can’t say that any of my/these teachers warned me of how hard it was going to be to awaken. They made it sound easy.  I guess their role was to get us interested.  For me, I went from being a fan and follower to being a real student, channel and teacher. I answered the call, my calling. My ability and gift in moments now seems second nature yet, I’m still growing into the newer me and my skills.  I will always be.  And, I am very human.

If you’re new to the wonderful world of spirit – Welcome!  And strap yourself in.  It’s a wild ride. There are surprising turns and really challenging periods. It’s not all fun and games. Lots of soul searching – beautiful and naked honesty – and releases (of emotions, ways and things that don’t serve you) that will knock you to your knees and sometimes on your ass. It’s also a process. It takes time, patience and commitment. Yet there are moments that are so amazing there are no words to describe. So would I change a thing?  Nope.

When I was first awakening, I often felt as if I was losing my mind. Well, I was… or just learning how to use it differently. I’d often googled to see if anyone else out there was having a similar experience. For years, I found little to no information. Yet now, I find lots and a great comfort. Spirituality of 2015 really is the cutting edge. I do feel that the new and upcoming teachers are having a much different experience than our teachers. We seem to have even more to purge or maybe we are just more vocal about it. The world is changing and we are evolving. I do believe the core wisdom teachings are the same yet the way they are explained and the variety – delicious!

If you still feel alone in your awakening process, find your kind! They are everywhere. I live in a rural community in the Bible belt so it started with my online “family”. Be sure though to energetically call out for your tribe. They will appear.

So while many teachers certainly are an inspiration, know that there is more than you can ever imagine… when you are ready. The good news is you have free will and can choose your own experience. And there is no rush.

Enjoy waking up to your own life and way of being.  Feel the love, let it guide and teach you.



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5 comments on “This isn’t your momma’s spirituality

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  2. Hah yeah, the challenges definitely get intense! It’s kind of cool, though, when old issues and wounds resurface so they can finally be healed. I think it’s great that more and more people are awakening so we’re not all carrying around so much unnecessary baggage. I’ve not yet found my tribe, but I believe the right people have come along at the right time. Great post. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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