Illusion Confusion


One of the words used often in the metaphysical realm is, illusion.  I, too, use the word.  Yet, what does it mean?  It often goes hand-in-hand with the word, form.

I think it depends on where you are in your own personal awakening journey.  To tell someone that everything is an illusion could be an insult.  I mean, they are working through a very real life lesson.  They need to identify with every bit of form.  They chose to come here and experience Earth’s design.

I looked up the definition online and read: a thing that is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses; a false idea or belief.

I agree.  Often the past and emotions factor in to what we think we see.  We don’t take that pause to separate them.  To stay present in the now.

The illusion, I believe, is… FEAR.  Limited thinking.  When one follows someone else’s truth verses their own.

Many situations are temporary.  Many things will fade.  Thought creates matter – form.  The illusion for some will be that what they thought was important (material possessions) is not.  Then they turn their attention to spending more time with loved ones or in nature.  For another, they might fear that their life will never change.  We forget how powerful we are.  Don’t allow the illusion to fool you.

The concept of illusion, though, is not to be used as a cop out.  Oh all of this is just an illusion and go stomping off.  You should not ignore pain and difficult situations.  Sit with them, meditate, pray.  Think of the factors involved and then zoom out.  Be your own angel.  What advice would you give yourself?  How can you change the illusion of what you see in this moment?  Relax your eyes… open your heart… breath.  Now what do you see?  Give it another look.


This one took me a while.  Then finally, I saw the face.  Point noted.  The answer is often in the subtle.

In closing, I just wanted to add an experience I had a year ago.  I was driving up a steep mountain road.  I was glancing to my left looking at the beauty and I was in awe.  Then, for about three seconds, I saw and felt those mountains lifting and moving.   It did feel as if all of this was an illusion.  I think the point was, God can and will move mountains if necessary.  Think high thoughts.


3 comments on “Illusion Confusion

  1. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful post.
    I love the picture with the face and your story about the mountains.

    Yes, the illusion keeps us trapped if we believe in it, but what exactly is the illusion. Fear , yes, is illusory. But it is grounded on something more fundamental even, I think. That is the assumption of separation. The thousands separate things out there. The separate-thingyness of the world. The expectation that all these separate people airplanes meteors and so on will move randomly about , bouncing off of each other like molecules in a gas. That is a scary world where everything is separate and random.
    This is most comforting for me, to remind myself that nothing is separate and that , indeed, thoughts create matter as you wrote.

    Thanks for your reminder that we should not get caught up in the illusion.


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